1. Don’t kiss her just to kiss her.

    Don’t kiss her as a joke, a dare, or an experiment.
    Don’t kiss her expecting something in return.
    Don’t kiss her as a pass time, or hobby, or for bragging rights.
    Don’t kiss her because everyone wants you to.

    Kiss her because she’s beautiful.
    Kiss her because her presence is intoxicating
    Kiss her because her mouth curls upward like tendrils of smoke
    Kiss her because her smile sets you on fire.
    Kiss her because her lips are oxygen, and without them, you’ll suffocate.

    Don’t kiss her because you can.
    Don’t kiss her because you want to,
    Kiss her because you need to.

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  6. Claim her, love her, fuck her, spoil her, trust her.
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    Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how

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